Affordable Talkback Systems

are essential for providing communication between members of any production team. Whether it be a school production, church, theatre, outdoor event, rally, sporting event or everyday business, conversations between teams are an essential part of any production. Full duplex talkback communication provides interference-free, two-way communication between all team members, with the added benefit of a system being hands free. Talkback systems have the ability to select an individual channel or headset, or talk to all channels simultaneously, making communication across a large or complex set much easier. For more information on our talkback and communication systems, call us today on 01892 801080 and we’ll be happy to help.


New for 2017

Nymrod Comms has become an official UK Distributor for Eartec products.

Eartec is a leading manufacturer of industrial team communication systems since 1961, offering cost effective and affordable, simultaneous talk, full duplex wireless transceivers – popular for hands-free communication.

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Wireless Talkback Systems

2 Person
Talkback System
Wireless from £365
3 Person
Talkback System
Wireless from £540
4 Person
Talkback System
Wireless from £690
5 Person
Talkback System
Wireless from £1350
6 Person
Talkback System
Wireless from £1510
7 Person
Talkback System
Wireless from £1610

Wired Talkback

The Basic Series from ASL Intercom provides a cost-effective solution in more limited applications that require full duplex, party line communication.

Cue Lights

The complete ASL Cue Light system for situations where visual cue lights are used for effective communication, ideal for productions.